Irene Diéguez

Head of HR, Europe

Irene grew up, studied and started her career in Canada and in 1994 moved to the Netherlands. She then returned to Canada for a year before moving to Spain, where she has stayed ever since! She holds dual nationality, Spanish and Canadian, and speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Irene holds a BA in International Economics and Political Science and a Graduate Diploma in Management.  Irene has worked for over twenty years in the airline business, in Finance and HR functions and worked for six years in the Publishing Industry (school textbooks and digital products, because learning changes everything!)  During these six years, her daughter started school, which fostered a great interest in helping her to do her best at school whilst having fun at the same time.  In 2017, Irene joined International Schools Partnership (ISP) as Head of HR for Europe, which has enabled her to take an active part in ensuring that the teachers are motivated to teach the young minds of the future!

Irene enjoys traveling (working over twenty years in the airline business, certainly gave her opportunities of a lifetime), cycling, swimming, ice skating, watching football (with Spanish and Dutch blood, she has no choice), watching ice hockey (Go Canada – she remembers watching Canada beat Russia for the first time in 1972), but most of all spending all the time she can with her daughter and helping her grow into a wonderful person!

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