Jacob Hackman

Group Investment Associate

Jacob was born in London but spent his later childhood years in Hadleigh, Suffolk. For a long period of time he was unsure what he wanted to pursue as a career, but always valued education and believed you should study what you enjoy, and the rest will work itself out. He went on to read Applied Psychology at Durham University. After completing several internships and spending some time travelling (involving a lot of Snowsports) he was lucky enough to be granted a scholarship to study a Master’s in Management Science at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), graduating with distinction.

He started his career working on European investments but moved into emerging markets where he spent time in Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. He has witnessed first-hand the positive impact that private sector investment can have in developing economies, particularly in the education sector which can often be underfunded. Jacob joined International Schools Partnership in February 2020 as an Investment Associate.

He believes that, when done properly, education creates opportunity and helps to bolster innovation and entrepreneurship. This in turn creates a positive feedback loop, which is why it is so important that as many people as possible have access to meaningful, high quality education globally. ISP helps the attainment of this goal and he is excited to be a part of the growth story.

In his spare time Jacob enjoys playing squash, cycling and anything involving snow!

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