Jonny Bell

Group People Systems Lead

Jonny grew up around Birmingham, United Kingdom before moving to Bristol for four years to study at Business and Management at University. Jonny has always enjoyed Business and found a passion for HR whilst at university which has led him to study for his CIPD Level 7 Diploma. He started his career as a HR Graduate and has since moved into HRIS related roles before becoming the Group People Systems Lead for ISP. Jonny has a passion for making a difference and has previously worked in businesses that support in search and rescue and other lifesaving missions and is now proud to be a part of ISP, who continue to make a difference in Education around the world. He feels the biggest learnings he has had in his career have all come from the variation of wonderful people and cultures he has worked with, teaching him new ways of working.

Jonny enjoys all kinds of sports including Football and F1, as well as food, films and the coast.

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