Jorge Boix

Network & Systems Administrator – Europe

Jorge was born and raised in Elche, a small city in the southeast of Spain. He began his further education studying Industrial Electronics. Later he went on to study Computer Systems and Networks at UNED, where he delved into the exciting world of computer technology. During his time there he also attended several courses relating to microprocessor programming.

Prior to joining the International Schools Partnership (ISP) Jorge’s career began by designing electronic circuits and programming microprocessors for an international company of ambient sound components, directing and designing the whole line of microprocessed products. After this, he became part of a computer systems service specialising in network systems and virtualisation of computer services. As the years passed, Jorge gained knowledge and experience, which led him to become part of one of the ISP schools in Spain. Jorge was able to use his experience and knowledge to be directly involved with the transformation of the schools’ computer infrastructure.

In his spare time Jorge enjoys active sports such as Enduro, downhill biking, snowboarding and windsurfing and above all, spending time with his family.

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