Jose Luis Toledo​z

Head of School, British Royal School, La Reina

Since José Luis was very young, he had that ability to teach others. At school he was known to be the “teacher” of his classmates. He helped them study scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics, the latter being his great passion. “Teaching makes me feel good” and that motivation was the one that led him to study Pedagogy in Mathematics at the University of Chile and later, a master’s degree.

He has been linked to the world of education for more than 30 years. In 1987 he started working at the British Royal School (BRS) as a mathematics teacher. He was head teacher of the first generation that graduated from school. He met his wife in this school and then continued his educational path at Colegio Cumbres, where he worked for 16 years. Four years ago, he returned to BRS to assume a new role in the academic direction and currently as headmaster, but his main reason for returning was the great affection he has always felt for this school and that he never lost, since it is and has been the school he chose for his two children.

In his spare time, in addition to spending time with his family, he practises different sports: soccer (once he was a cadet and played professionally), karate (he was brown belt), and he also plays tennis and chess with friends, winning different tournaments from a very young age. He enjoys simple things in life and awaits the summer holidays to relax in the northern part of Chile.

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