Juanita Arias

The Head of Colegio La Colina – South America

Juanita Arias is a proud parent of 3 young adults, and an experienced educator who has thrived in both local and international schools in Bogotá, with a highly successful track record in pedagogical, administrative and leadership positions. Bringing together her background in political science with educational training, she is experienced in creating and implementing curricula that challenges and motivates students to fully develop their personal ethos and passion for learning. Post graduate studies in English as a Second Language, curriculum development and differentiation also provide particular emphasis on English language development in all schools Juanita has worked. She is devoted to establishing a team ethic, to promoting international standards and to consolidating a healthy, growth-oriented pedagogy. For Juanita, a strong sense of community is essential, and every effort is made to bringing parents, teachers and children together through a genuine hands-on approach.

Her educational philosophy is supported by the constructivist principles of leading students to engage in their learning – be that through observation, inquiry, questioning, creation or experimenting – in order to become the active center of their academic, social and behavioral growth. This approach, enriched by project/activity based learning, and interdisciplinary skill development, is naturally aligned with La Colina’s pedagogical approach.

Currently, Juanita lives in Bogotá with her husband, three children and her pet dog, and finds time to tend to a garden, cultivate native species of orchids.

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