Laude El Altillo School

Laude El Altillo School nurtures the personalities of pupils at the crucial ages to develop confidence, motivation, assurance and determination, whilst also inspiring personal and academic excellence.

Founded in 1988, Laude El Altillo School is an independent, liberal school committed to excellence and the highest quality of education, with an educational ideology based on the principles of encouraging learning and creativity and discovering the infinite possibilities of their pupils. The main aim at El Altillo is to nurture a well-rounded education for its students, assisting in their personal and academic progression.
Laude El Altillo School promotes the enrichment of students personalities at crucial ages for acquiring confidence, motivation, assurance and determination. Students are responsible, capable and receive an excellent education, equipping them with knowledge and values which allow them to grow into outstanding young people. Pupils are encouraged to reach their genuine potential by educating them as individuals who are aware of themselves and who are endowed with intelligence and problem-solving skills which will open them up to the possibilities awaiting them.
Individuals, from Infants through to Primary and Secondary School, are provided with the stimulation and knowledge to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of a society that expects confidence, competence and capability. The students at Laude El Altillo will learn to appreciate individuality, difference and what binds us together internationally.


Head: Vanessa Moore

Ages Taught: 1-18 years 

Curriculum: Spanish

Special Features: 

  • Science, technology and entrepreneurship days
  • Brand new FabLab
  • International University Fares
  • Debate days
  • Chess tournaments
  • Duathlon events
  • Football, Padel and Golf tournaments
  • Cantania (a musical event with the participation of various schools of  the region)

Laude El Altillo School

C/ Santiago de Chile, s/n. 11407 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Spain

Tel: (+34) 956 302 400

Email: [email protected]


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