Laura Grillo

Head of School, St. Jude

Laura Grillo was born in Costa Rica and has always had a keen interest in teaching and becoming an educator.  She taught her younger siblings to read and write playing “school teacher”.

Laura has been associated with St. Jude School since early childhood.  She completed her Elementary and Secondary education at St. Jude, the same place that she would return one day to work as a professional.  The only time Laura has not been at St. Jude School was the six-year period, where she attended college, earning a degree in Preschool Education and a master’s in Psychopedagogy. Following their mother’s example, two of her four children are St. Jude School alumni and the other two are currently students enrolled in Secondary.

After graduation, Laura returned to St. Jude School to work in different roles.  She was a teacher, psychopedagogist, CGS member, certified mediator and CGS coordinator for four years, before progressing to the General Directorship. As a CGS member she started and implemented programs such as CASE -V and St. Jude for the Family, among other accomplishments.

Besides her current responsibilities, Laura also teachers an elective on Leadership.  She enjoys challenges and talking to parents and students to discover their interests and needs.  She is a firm believer that success comes through team work and that an emotionally and physically balanced staff provide parents and students with the best educational experience.

As hobbies, Laura likes to exercise, practice yoga, dancing, reading and listening to music.

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