Lee Drury

Group Head of Technology Implementation

Lee has worked in education all his life, loves school communities, and gets his job satisfaction from supporting schools in making a difference to students. With over 20 years’ experience in IT support and leadership in over 120 schools across eight countries, he brings a wealth of experience to the International School Partnership (ISP) team. His skillset is a good mix of technical support, business analysis and project management but he prides himself most on being a people person and strives to make life easier for his colleagues. He firmly believes that his job is simply to use technology to improve efficiency and help others do their job. Lee believes that collaboration, support and sharing is key to building a successful team and enjoys sharing his own experiences to a wider audience by speaking at popular conferences. Passionate and enthusiastic, he has a real “can do” attitude and his personal mantra is that there is always room for improvement but to improve we have to change.

Away from work Lee loves to travel and get close to wildlife. One of his life goals is to try to visit every country in the world. His other interests include football, fishing, cooking and painting miniatures. As a true British Yorkshire man, he loves Yorkshire tea and Yorkshire puddings!

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