Lisa Phillipps

Investment Operations Director 

Lisa is an Accountant by background having Chartered in 2007 with a firm background in commercial finance before that.  Becoming a mother in 2009 led Lisa to move into Education where she was a Finance Manager at a 1200 pupil school.  Building a new primary school and setting up a Kindergarten (for her son to attend!) just two miles from her home gave Lisa plenty to keep her busy.

To mix things up from a twenty-minute walk to school, with her then four year old on a scooter Lisa and her family moved to Abu Dhabi for five years.  Living and working in Abu Dhabi and having two boys attend a fantastic international British School has made Lisa the perfect new addition to the International Schools Partnership (ISP) Business Development team based in London.

Lisa joined ISP in April 2019 and is excited to be working with passionate educators who have an opportunity to support the learning of in excess of 40,000 students globally.  Lisa is looking to grow the group of schools and help more children, students, teachers and parents enjoy the benefits of being part of a global International group of schools.

During weekends and holidays, you will find Lisa trying to burn through the energy levels of two growing boys.  Usually in parks and wide-open spaces with plenty of greenery and fresh air.  Lisa occasionally runs, eats too many crisps and loves her slow cooker.

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