María Auxiliadora Velarde

School Principal – Liceo Panamericano Centenario

María Auxiliadora Velarde Cevallos was born in Guayaquil, in a large family. During her studies, she always liked to support the teachers of the little ones.

She graduated as a Kindergarten Educator from the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil; she was a kindergarten teacher, before building her own Kindergarten, this allowed her to assume the great responsibility and challenge of leading teachers to educate with love, creativity, stimulating their abilities and instilling values so that children can be happy learners.

She is a woman who guides her life under God’s guidance. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and later graduated with a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and Leadership. She began her experience in education in 1985, which developed in her the sensitivity and conviction of the importance of learning in students of all ages.

An educator by heart, an advocate of inclusion, she affirms that teachers must use active, playful, meaningful and innovative strategies to ensure that children enjoy learning. She is the author of several textbooks for preschool and elementary school: she has given training courses to teachers from the public and private sectors.

Her mission as an educator has been combined with her work as a catechist in the pastoral of First Communion, Confirmation and pre-marriage in different parishes.

Since 2013 she has been leading the Liceo Panamericano Centenario, supporting

She enjoys simple things like traveling, reading, dancing, listening to music, watching a movie, singing, cooking and baking cakes; but more importantly family time is shared with her husband, children and four grandchildren.

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