María Teresa Villa Rodríguez

Head of School, Colegio Pedro de Valdivia Providencia

María Teresa was born in Spain and lived in the United States when she was a child. She has dedicated more than twenty-six years to education in Chile, as a teacher, academic coordinator, and head at various international, public, and private schools. She studied Spanish literature and completed a Master´s degree in Educational Management. Fluent in English and Spanish, with a high degree of commitment and vocation to service, her leadership style is focused on forming committed work teams, with an emphasis on academic excellence and continuous improvement centered on student achievement. She considers that collaborative, honest, and open discussions lead to good decision-making, and listening to others is a key component. She strongly believes that academic rigor combined with flexibility and emphasis on developing the “individual as a whole”, is what education in the 21st century should promote.

María Teresa is always willing to promote a culture of high expectations, where each child feels the support and comfort needed to become the best version of themselves. She thinks that our responsibility as educators is to help each student explore and understand their strengths and talents in order to form their very own, personal way of approaching life. María Teresa understands this only can be accomplished in a kind and caring environment, where educators and families work together towards a common goal: the intellectual and emotional welfare of their children.

María Teresa enjoys reading and has been part of a book club for several years. She also loves cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family. Her favorite place in nature is the beach.

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