Martin Skelton

Special Advisor 

Martin has worked in education for over 40 years including experience as a headmaster and teacher for over 20 years. In his first year as a teacher his mentor, Fred Tirami, told him that he wasn’t a very good teacher because although his students liked him they weren’t learning anything. This simple idea that the main purpose of schools wasn’t teaching but learning has followed him through the headships of two schools, the founding, with his closest friend, of an educational consultancy in 1984, leading the design of two curriculums and a toolkit for schools about learning, writing countless articles and books, leading conferences, and the development of the WCL schools group and now his work with the International Schools Partnership (ISP), where he is Director of Learning and Education.

If you spend some time with Martin now, you’ll find him mostly doing three things.  He’ll be running, cycling and swimming in the sea (if it’s not too rough); he’ll be finding as much time as possible to read at last some of the books he has recently bought which sit in a pile by his bed; he’ll be watching people learn, thinking about why some do and some don’t, and trying to help teachers help their students learn really well.

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