Monica Le May

Regional Director of Learning – South America

Monica has a vast amount of experience in leading schools. She began her career as a teacher of English, then became Head of Department, and for the last twenty years a Head of private schools in Santiago, Chile. She recently joined International Schools Partnership (ISP) as the Regional Director of Learning for the South American region.

Monica has always given great importance to the role and welfare of teachers in schools, committing herself to building enthusiastic and caring teams. She has led teams through changing their learning paradigm, encouraging them to adapt to a more active and student-centred teaching and learning approach. Helping whole school communities in raising their standards and practices has also been one of her priorities and she has implemented international programmes and Project Based Learning environments. Ultimately, Monica believes that learning should be a thriving, happy experience and this is what keeps her motivated and enthusiastic about her work every day!

Monica has an English teaching degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Art Studies from the Catholic University of Santiago. She also holds a master’s degree in Quality and Leadership in Education from Universidad del Desarrollo of Santiago.

Monica loves nature, trekking, watching films and dancing, but most of all spending time with her family! She lives with her three “children”: Agustina, Antonia and Santiago.

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