Mosaic School

Mosaic School, in Geneva, Switzerland, was found in 2004, starting with 40 students aged 3 to 6, and gradually building up to reach 320 students today, with an expansion plan to reach 450 students aged 2,5 to 12 by 2025.

Mosaic School, in Geneva, Switzerland, was found in 2004. It started with 40 pupils aged 3 to 6 and after strong growth each year, today there are 320 pupils aged 3 to 12, with further expansion planned.

Mosaic was built on the key principle of providing a French-English bilingual and multicultural education for every child. The school offers a unique bilingual programme based on the Swiss curriculum and the English National Curriculum; and has a compulsory language tutoring programme for students above the age of six who have not spent three full school years in a French-English bilingual education, to ensure that they benefit fully from the school’s bilingual programme.

Drama is an important part of life at Ecole Mosaic, because if learning is also inventing, imagining, listening, removing certainty and risking new experiences, then theatre is truly an educational tool. Theatre classes promote self confidence and self-esteem: to dare, to risk confronting the gaze of others, to speak, to improvise in front on an audience, first in a group, then in pairs and finally by themselves.

Mosaic is well-respected within the Swiss and international community. In a world where migration – voluntary or imposed – has become normal, Mosaic aims to make children aware of the richness of our differences, helping them to develop in-depth knowledge of their own culture as well as of those they will be in contact with. Mosaic has therefore created an environment where multiculturalism is praised as an asset, taught as a subject and where understanding and therefore adaptation to an ever-changing world is part of everyday school culture. If today Mosaic welcomes children up to the age of 12, it is really aiming at tomorrow’s adults.

The real world is a diverse mix of people with a wide range of abilities. Mosaic believes that the sooner children understand and appreciate this, the better. Mosaic does not provide for all special educational needs, but in all grades the school can provide for moderate special educational needs under the responsibility of the pedagogical coordinator. The benefits of this include helping children to accept our mutual differences, develop empathy and gain an appreciation for diversity.​



Director General: Jean-François Lopez

Ages Taught: 3 to 12 years

Curriculum: Unique bilingual programme based on the Swiss curriculum and English

Special Features:

  • Bilingual French-English
  • Multicultural teaching, developing open-mindedness and understanding of others
  • Diverse extra-curricular programme with strong focus on drama
  • Swiss Epreuves Cantonales and English SATs
  • The school is a member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) and the Swiss Federation of
  • Private School (FSEP & AGEP)

Mosaic School

23 avenue Dumas,
1206 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: (+41) 22 346 21 69

Email: [email protected]


Here are some overview statistics about Mosaic School.





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