Nick Campbell

Group Senior Director of Learning 

Nick was raised and educated in England, but now lives very happily in Valencia with his family. Having spent a lot of time in Spain growing up, and speaking the language almost fluently, he was thrilled to start working with the International Schools Partnership (ISP) in 2015 within the Laude group of schools as a specialist in measuring and tracking student progress and learning. This role has developed over the past five years into his current role of Senior Director of Learning.

Prior to joining ISP, Nick’s career in education started in the UK state sector as a teacher of Mathematics, where he quickly established himself as an excellent teacher and leader, helping students of all abilities learn and enjoy what he will tell you is: ‘The best subject’. During this time, he also led training and development programmes for student and graduate teachers in school and worked alongside the Roehampton University delivering training to PGCE students there on assessment and measuring learning.

Nick’s greatest pride in working in education is in having learnt so much since starting, and he hopes to keep on learning for a long time!

Nick’s main focus in life is getting better at stuff! He has a wide range of hobbies, including playing the piano, restoring furniture, DIY, and golf, which keep him busy learning and struggling (particularly the golf); but most of his time at home, by far, is dedicated to spending time with his family and his two small children.

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