Nieves García

Head of School, Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Querétaro

Nieves always wanted to be a teacher. As a little girl, she would play “school” with her brothers and when the time came to choose a degree, Education was the unchallenged choice. Becoming a teacher was her destiny. Nieves studied a degree in Primary Education and went on to certify herself as an ESL Teacher. She specialised in Child Psychology and a few years later she studied a master’s degree in Educational Learning and Development.

After being a teacher for over ten years, she began her career in school administration, when she became an Elementary Principal. Those years gave her invaluable learning experiences and prepared her for a very exciting challenge. She is now the General Director of Instituto Thomas Jefferson Campus Querétaro, the school that watched her grow and become the driven leader she is now. She couldn’t be prouder!

Nieves is passionate about her work and thrives on working closely with her team, the students and the everyday life of the school. She loves challenges, they motivate her and give her the opportunity to learn something new every day. Whenever she can, Nieves like to travel to new places to experience different cultures and try new food. She is great with maps and never gets lost.  Nieves loves her family and treasures the time she spends with them. She is happy when she watches a good movie, when she is amongst friends and when she laughs.  

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