Palacio de Granda

Palacio de Granda is a mixed independent school in Asturias which provides an excellent bilingual education for children aged 1 – 18 years old, and promotes more than just academic success.

Founded in 1975, Palacio de Granda is a mixed independent school in Asturias, Spain with a firm commitment to quality education and high expectations for all of its students. Palacio de Granda is one of the top 100 schools in Spain and the only private school in Asturias that offers the Art Baccalaureate module. They were also one of the first schools in Spain to achieve Google Reference School certification, acknowledging their incorporation of digital technologies to improve their teaching practices and recognising the degree of digital competence amongst their teaching staff.

The school is characterised by a series of attributes that make it a unique place for students. Their boarding facilities offer a comfortable learning environment, with organised study sessions and free time providing students with a balance between personal development and academic achievement. The school itself is regarded as an Eco-School and is privileged to be located in an amazing location surrounded by nature, giving students a stunning environment to learn and grow. The educational programme at Palacio de Granda is individualised and adapted to the needs and potential of each student, whilst the academic staff are committed, passionate, lifelong learners themselves, and assist the school in promoting a strong sense of family and community.

An excellent multi-lingual education is provided, with a bilingual Spanish-English focus from the very beginning, and a third language of French or German added later on. Through an immersive and an active participation strategy, students will master their languages, preparing them to face the challenges of current society which is increasingly competitive and multicultural. Palacio de Granda further prepares students for success that extends beyond the academic environment by offering a broad curriculum with enriching activities and learning support.

Palacio de Granda aim to inspire and awaken in each student, the passion for study and learning, which is achieved through their well-rounded curriculum that stimulates creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, technological proficiency and emotional intelligence. By further promoting important values such as independence, tolerance, responsibility and co-operation, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to become responsible, successful citizens of the world, allowing them to excel not only in higher education but also in society.

Head: Ricardo Díaz

Ages Taught: 1-18 years 

Curriculum: Spanish

Special Features: 

  • Bilingual education Spanish-English
  • New Technologies programme featuring Programming and Robotics
  • An examination center for the Alliance Française Cambridge and Göethe Institute examinations and more than 97% of students pass these external examinations
  • 100% of students pass the University Entrance Examinations
  • Small sized groups to ensure individualised attention
  • KIVA school since 2017 (Anti-bullying programme)
  • Innovation in English learning: using Drama, Public Speaking, Spelling Bee, Debate League
  • Model United Nations
  • Accelerated Reader Programme
  • From Primary third language taught: French or German
  • High Capacities Programme
  • Boarding Facilities

Palacio de Granda

El Llugarín 4, Granda, 33199 Siero (Asturias), Spain

Tel: (+34) 985 792 031

Email: [email protected]



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