Paul Brett


This is Paul’s 46th year of being involved with schools and learning. He has been a teacher, Chief Education Officer and this is the fourth education business where he has either been Chairman or Chief Executive of the businesses. He has been involved with education because he has a passion for children achieving their full potential through great learning.

He has three children and seven grandchildren all of whom have gravitated to England’s West Country where he lives with his wife Maggy. They spend as much time as they can in France where they have a house near Carcassonne. Paul at present is being challenged by coming to terms with that region’s particular dialect (Occidental) which is a mixture of French and Spanish.

He was one of the founders of ISP and is particularly proud of the way that the group has developed as an international force in learning.

Paul’s main interests are rugby and cricket (though now only as a spectator); reading (particularly political biographies); good wine and food.

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