Ricardo Díaz

Head of School – Laude Palacio de Granda 

Ricardo was born in Asturias where he currently lives and works. He previously spent twenty years in the United Kingdom where he completed his education and developed professionally. Ricardo holds a BEd in Sports and Science Education and an MA in Leadership and management and is fluent in English and Portuguese.

Ricardo is passionate about innovation, education development and learning strategies. He is also passionate about diversity and cultures. After obtaining his QTS in London, he has worked as a teacher and a phase leader for about a decade before becoming an Advanced Skills Teacher to then settle into leadership positions. He strongly believes that a school leader needs to fully understand all different stages of learning and development.

He believes that education need to provide constant amazing learning experiences in order to captivate students´ interests, motivation and satisfaction . He has worked in partnership with other overseas education establishments in the UK and South America and has supported governmental institutions in Brazil.

In his spare time Ricardo runs a website that supports schools in the UK and overseas on using logic and reasoning Mathematics resources. He also likes any active sport, reading, researching, cooking, painting and spending time with friends and family especially with his wife and young daughter. He also enjoys coffee and dark chocolate!

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