Richard Davidson

Campus Principal, Tenby Schools Ipoh

Richard’s formative years were spent living in the UK and Tuvalu (a small tropical island in the South Pacific) and travelling the world exploring many countries. The opportunities afforded him to experience many different cultures first hand and inspired him to venture into teaching as a career and to continue his passion for travel. Richard has B.Ed. in Business and Economics from the University of Wales and an M.A in International Education Management. He began his teaching and leadership career in a small school in Greece and has since worked in the further and higher education sector in the UK, taught and held leadership positions at two international schools in Northern Portugal and led a school in Karachi, Pakistan before landing in Malaysia where he is currently the Campus Principal of Tenby Schools Ipoh. Richard’s passion is his students; he believes in providing the best and most diverse of opportunities for students to truly experience amazing learning and he is very proud to be a member of the International Schools Partnership Team.

In addition to travel Richard is enthusiastic about sports and technology. He was a County and Regional athlete and represented the Welsh Colleges as a Hockey player. He is passionate about cycling, having cycled across the UK, Spain and Portugal and has recently taken up Golf. As the ageing process takes hold Richard has turned his interest in gadgets into a hobby, and he can often be seen flying his drone, recording his travels.

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