Rosy Hoang

Regional Managing Director – Vietnam & Thailand

Rosy is from Hanoi, Vietnam and is part of a generation that helped modernise the country after “Doi moi” (Economic Reform) in 1986. While Rosy initially gained concurrent degrees in Education and English language from two local universities, her inherent entrepreneurial foresight compelled her to complete a Bachelor of Economics in Marketing and an MBA with RMIT (Australia) to expand her career opportunities in Vietnam’s emergence on the world economic stage.

The resilience and tenacity of the Vietnamese people have been inspirational in Rosy’s motivation to aspire to the highest levels of professionalism and management. She has worked as a senior manager and director in Australian, Singaporean, Japanese, Thai and UK companies; the last 19 years being in international education covering all sectors from Kindergarten to University. With broad international experience and an understanding of Vietnam’s modernisation, Rosy became the long-term Director of Operations with a Singaporean start-up company which grew to be the largest provider of international education in Vietnam, from two Kindergarten campuses in 2004 to fifteen campuses covering Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools by 2018. Now, as ISP’s Regional Managing Director for Vietnam and Thailand, Rosy relishes the challenges of creating new and innovative schools of international quality and providing new opportunities for international and local students in the region.

For relaxation, Rosy enjoys travel, cooking, yoga, working out in the gym, gardening, shopping and keeping in touch with her family spread across the world.

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