Rowntree Montessori Schools

Founded in 1969, Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS) has been “Nurturing Tomorrow’s Achievers” for over 50 years.

Founded in 1969, Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS) has been “Nurturing Tomorrow’s Achievers” for over 50 years. Rowntree offers a balanced curriculum, combining more traditional skills such as public speaking and handwriting with more modern approaches within a Montessori-inspired environment. Rowntree’s innovative use of technology and its genuine commitment to 21st Century teaching and learning are focused on creating a place from which future leaders will emerge. Rowntree’s students are encouraged to address real-world problems, using a cross-curricular approach, in a manner that will set them on a path for success in their increasingly complex world. Whether global issues, such as plastic in the oceans, or more local ones, such as animals’ habitat loss due to urban development, Rowntree students understand that they can be active participants in solving their city’s, country’s and planet’s most difficult problems. By engaging its students with real-world and local issues, Rowntree is helping to prepare the next generation of tech-savvy, digitally literate, solution-focused citizens for the challenges that we will all be facing in the coming years and decades. In their innocence, Rowntree’s students may not yet truly appreciate the innovativeness of their school experience, but we will all benefit from their skills and knowledge in the not-so-distant future. RMS has four conveniently located campuses located throughout the city of Brampton, Ontario.

RMIS is a GOLD member of the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS).

Head: Jonathan Harris, Director of Education

Ages taught: 3 years to 13 years

Grades taught: Pre-school to Grade 8

Curriculum: Montessori-inspired Kindergarten curriculum; enriched and balanced programme, Grades 1-8, based on the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum

Special features:

  • Focus on both traditional academic skills and 21st Century learning, including STEM and progressive use of educational technologies
  • Early introduction to Coding/Robotics and French
  • Values, leadership and citizenship programming
  • Public speaking/debating
  • Enriched Math curriculum and participation in the Canadian National Math League and University of Waterloo Math contests
  • Model United Nations
  • LEGO Robotics

Rowntree Montessori Schools

Academy Campus
3 Sunforest Dr., Brampton,
Ontario, L6Z 2Z2

Central Park Campus
502 Central Park Dr., Brampton,
Ontario, L6S 2C8

Downtown Campus
4 Elizabeth St., North, Brampton,
Ontario, L6X 1S2

Mayfield Campus
11613 Bramalea Rd., Brampton,
Ontario, L6R 0C2

Email: [email protected]



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