Saffron Miller

Group Executive Assistant

Saffron has been with the International Schools Partnership since its inception. She studied French, Russian and German at Sheffield University in the UK, and considering the location of so many of ISP’s schools, she has decided that it’s high time to add Spanish to her list of languages.

With a life-long love of learning, Saffron has trained in many different disciplines over the years. She taught a social partner dance called Ceroc, a cross between jive, swing and salsa. Subsequently she ran this as a business, setting up classes and workshops. With a strong interest in film making, she trained as an actress and has been involved in many short films, behind and in front of the camera. She has also been a massage therapist.

Saffron has always had a strong interest in health and wellbeing and is a fully qualified and insured mindfulness teacher and hypnotherapist. As well as helping to build resilience, mindfulness helps with concentration and focus and is a great tool for learning, for both adults and children. Saffron is looking forward to introducing mindfulness courses across the group.

Keeping fit is important to Saffron, generally through exercise classes and cycling. She also still loves dancing and regularly swaps her trainers for dance shoes. Learning Tango is next on the list.

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