Sandra Hite

Founding Principal – Vietnam & Thailand

Sandra is originally from the United States, where her first amazing learning experience in Kindergarten resulted in her pursuing a lifelong career in education. With aspiration in mind, she received her BA in Elementary Education, MA in Learning Disabilities and psychometry, and a certification in International Leadership and a Post Master’s in Educational Leadership. She started her career as a teacher in public schools in Oklahoma and Massachusetts. She was also an educational consultant and presenter for several large school districts and colleges in the Boston area. In the past 23 years, Sandra has taught, led, founded, advised and directed international schools and school groups in Germany, England, China, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is a workshop leader and presenter for the International Baccalaureate, a DISC trainer and a certified coach. Sandra achieves personal satisfaction building and nurturing cultures that bring a school’s mission to life. Using a collaborative approach, she strategises and works with teams to improve, shape and design organisations as well as drive transformation.

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys hiking, exploring, skiing, scuba diving, being with her dog and learning new things.

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