Sitara Chaudhary

Regional Head of Admissions – US & Canada

Sitara is a Kashmiri-Canadian, who was raised in Toronto, Ontario, where she started her journey of becoming a lifelong learner. She completed her undergraduate degree in Political Science and English at the University of Toronto, where she truly came to appreciate the art of teaching. This led her to put her focus towards law school on pause, to pursue her bachelor’s in education from York University. After teaching in China for two and a half years, it was evident that she wanted to learn more about social-emotional development of students. This led to her obtaining a M. Ed from University of British Columbia. Since her journey in education, Sitara has had the privilege of working as an educator within the classroom, leading academic program offerings within eight schools across the GTA, and met her personal milestone of being a Vice Principal within a welcoming school community. Since 2018, Sitara has shifted her focus from within the classroom to school admissions, allowing her to tie her passion of customer service and education together.

Apart from her passion for education, Sitara is a youth development basketball coach and enjoys shooting hoops during her free time.

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