Sofia Ouarti

Regional Marketing Manager – Middle East

Sofia grew up in France and completed her Master’s degree at the University of Caen-Normandy in Business and Corporate Law. After graduating in 2015, Sofia got married and spent her honeymoon in Dubai. Both Sofia and her husband fell instantly in love with the city and never returned to France. She is now happy to call “home” the fast-growing, dynamic and dazzling Dubai that still manages to keep its distinctive traditions. Prior to working at International Schools Partnership (ISP), Sofia worked in the jewellery industry and then joined Regus, the largest business centres company in the world, as a team PA, supporting 30 staff. Sofia has always been driven by assisting and supporting others, dedicated to making lives of busy executives easier. Thanks to her legal background, she joined ISP in July 2017 as an Executive and Legal Assistant.

Sofia is flexible, eager to learn and always willing to shoulder new responsibilities to develop her career. Sofia was interested in pursuing a career in Marketing and enrolled herself into the Chartered Institute of Marketing to further develop her marketing skills. Sofia has been able to successfully apply her learning in her role and, effective from November 2019, she has taken over the Marketing Manager role for the Middle East region, supporting all the schools.

Sofia enjoys activities that involve creativity like cooking, baking and makeup. She loves travelling the world with her husband and creating new memories. She shares all her wisdom and passions on a blog written both in English and French.

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