Sylvie Johannot

Head of School – Mosaic School

Sylvie Johannot was born in Geneva, Switzerland and was raised in an international school, Le Rosey in Rolle, directed and owned by her parents. She stems from a family of entrepreneurs and humanists who believed that the more chances life bestowed on you, the more responsibility you had to be ready to take on.

Sylvie worked in companies which were new to their field, in a start-up kind of way, where empirical evidence was less important than vision and guts! Boosted by her ability to work seamlessly in French, English and later Italian, Sylvie gained broad experience in the field of communications, prior to becoming Head of Jewelry for Piaget Int and ultimately moving into the field of education.

Sylvie founded in 2004 Mosaic school. She wanted to offer to a new generation a school mirroring her convictions and ethics. Her first conviction is that today more than ever schools should be playing a key role in raising children’s awareness of the richness of our differences – to enable their judgements in later life to be based on a deeper knowledge by overcoming preconceptions.

Her training in History taught her the importance of understanding the mechanism of past events to link them to present situations, this nourishes her interest for the families of the children who are under her care. She is also a firm believer in the prime importance of working in synergy, leading her to build strong relationships between her class teachers and specialist subject teachers.

From her mother, Sylvie is originally from Valais, a place in Switzerland who values tribes and clans. She has founded her own multicultural clan, with her daughter, stepdaughter, and soon-to-be husband. She happily shares her free time between hiking on her beloved mountains and swimming in the glorious sea of Puglia.

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