The British School of Almería

The British School of Almería offers an authentic British education to children aged 3 to 18 years old in the beautiful coastal town of Roquetas de Mar.

Founded in September 2007, The British School of Almería provides parents with the unique opportunity to be able to choose an authentic British education without needing to leave the beautiful province of Almeria. Having over 10 years’ experience working as a British school for students aged 3 to 18 years old, the school has a solid reputation as a centre of educational excellence which opens children up to a wealth of exciting opportunities in terms of future studies and professional careers.

The British School of Almería  is fully authorised by the regional government and members of the renowned National Association of British Schools in Spain, allowing them to be an official school under both the British and Spanish systems. The school recognise the need for students to hold an official English Language qualification in an increasingly global world, and this is catered for through a range of classes from Young Learners to Adult Proficiency to Business English. All classes are taught exclusively by Native English speakers to prepare students for English ESOL exams. Passionate teachers at The British School of Almería  further ensure effective learning by creating a wide range of experiences which promote the acquisition of new knowledge and opportunities to apply new skills to authentic real-life situations. It is through a creative yet challenging curriculum that students at The Brtish School of Almería  are inspired to become independent learners.

The social, physical and personal devlepoment of students are just as important to the school as their mental development. For this reason, a range of enriching after-school activities to suit all tastes and ages are on offer. Activities include indoor and outdoor multi-skills activities and are often run by Official Federations, all with the purpose of introducing students to new interests which they may carry through life with them. With a highly successful music school and a stimulating science club, students are opened up to a variety of opportunities which will excite and benefit them. Through the experiences available at The British School of Almería , children develop a strong emotional and intellectual education and learn to analyse and problem solve in creative ways, preparing them fully for the demands and complexities of modern life. 

Head: Gillian Greaves

Ages Taught: 3-18 years 

Curricula: British & Spanish

Special Features: 

  • Music school
  • Language school
  • Summer school

The British School of Almería

Calle de Alemania, 28 04740, Roquetas de Mar Almería, Spain

Tel: (+34) 950 338 860



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