The Montessori Academy of Broward

The Montessori Academy of Broward near Miami, Florida educates over 650 children and students from Infants to Grade 8.

The Montessori Academy of Broward near Miami, Florida educates over 650 children and students from Infant to Grade 8, to become lifelong, passionate learners. Students enjoy a spacious, green and sustainable campus located on a 4.5-acre property which offers a unique space to learn and thrive. The school is committed to reducing its carbon footprint via environmentally responsible and resource-efficient measures including implementing Solar Power and a Hydroponics garden, education around which is passed on to students. This dedication to a forward-thinking campus creates an inspiring environment that children are unlikely to get elsewhere in the area. Montessori teachers further contribute to the unique learning environment offered at the school, boasting skills not common among many mainstream teaching environments to ensure children are taught the right skills needed to succeed personally and academically.

The Montessori Academy of Broward possesses carefully created classrooms which offer creative and exciting settings to learn, removing obstacles and ensuring a place of self-construction. Children are further placed in three-year age groups which enable communities to form in which older children spontaneously share their knowledge with younger students, building self-confidence and co-operation. When it comes to producing creative business leaders The Montessori Academy of Broward has shown time and time again to be a predictor of future success, with some of the world’s most innovative leaders coming from Montessori education. Graduates from the Montessori middle school programme are further accepted into various prestigious high schools which open them up to a future of exciting possibilities.

Social and personal development is just as important to The Montessori Academy of Broward as academic development, and the school welcomes students to join a variety of exciting clubs and activities. From String Orchestra, Robotics, Flamenco, Ceramics and Karate, students have a range of invigorating and fun extra-curricular activities to get involved with during their time at Montessori. It is through their rounded approach to learning and their commitment to enabling children to discover and develop their gifts and interests, that The Montessori Academy of Broward is able to support students to become life-long learners and responsible world citizens.

Head: Monica Gargiulo-Benitez

Ages Taught: 8 weeks – 14 years

Curriculum: Montessori

Special Features:
⦁ Computer Programming and Coding
⦁ Robotics
⦁ STEM Education
⦁ Solar Power Hydroponic Development
⦁ Fine and Performing Arts
⦁ Chess classes for Preschool
⦁ Spanish Club
⦁ Membership in selective Honour Societies that stimulate desire to render service in the community and encourage high standards of scholarship and leadership.

The Montessori Academy of Broward

Lower School:
(Infants, Toddlers, Young Montessorians, Preschool, and Kindergarten)
19200 Pines Blvd
Building B
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029, USA
Tel: + 1 954-435-4622

Upper School:
(Elementary and Middle School)
19200 Pines Blvd
Building A
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029, USA
Tel: + 1 954-437-2329


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The Montessori Academy of Broward.





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