Tien Phuong

Regional Project Manager – Vietnam & Thailand

Tien is Project Manager for ISP in the Vietnam and Thailand region. He was born and raised in Vietnam and as one who is eager to learn new things, he loves to explore technology and machines. Tien graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Department of Automatic Control in Vietnam. He worked as a teacher at the ‘Chemical Officer School’ in Vietnam for more than 2 years and has had more than 13 years of project management experience in both new and renovation projects, which includes K- 12 international education organisations and schools. He has also been involved in facilities management to maintain and contribute to the smooth operation school life.

In his free time, Tien loves spending time with his lovely wife and their two teenage daughters. He enjoys football, volleyball, swimming, travel, Chinese chess and listening to music. Tien also enjoys visiting his parents in his hometown and hanging out with his friends.

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