Vanessa L. Moore

Head of School, Laude El Altillo School

Vanessa was educated in a bilingual environment as she is the daughter of an American major and her mother is Spanish. Her passion for teaching led her to study English Philology in order to become an English teacher. On finishing her studies, she enjoyed a year working in the United States to complete her training. Vanessa began her professional career in Primary Education and then continued in Secondary and Sixth Form education, which she has specialised in, and over the last few years she has been preparing students for university entrance examinations. Vanessa has participated as a leader in international exchange programmes, travelling with students to Dublin in Ireland and Connecticut in the USA among other places. She has held various positions of responsibility at Laude El Altillio including, Head of Modern Languages, Head of Sixth Form, Head of Secondary, Deputy Head and in 2018 she became Head of School. Vanessa has never stopped her training and has obtained a Masters in Human Resources from El Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) in Madrid, Spain.

Vanessa spends a large part of her free time taking part in races for charity, hiking activities and she collaborates with NGO´s for charitable causes.

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