Vik Paw

Group MIS Manager

A lover of travel and languages, Vik spent a year following graduation from University, travelling around South America teaching himself Spanish. This love of learning soon found him working near his hometown in the UK providing IT support to the state sector. Later he relocated to the Middle East and began working with private schools, where he quickly established himself as an expert in the field; frequently assisting other schools and suppliers in the region with advice and support.

Vik Joined the International Schools Partnership (ISP) in January 2018 as Group MIS Manager. Having worked in the Education sector for over 15 years, he has extensive experience of educational ICT systems in particular Management Information Systems and how to integrate them into the business workflow. Vik enjoys empowering schools to take charge of their data, understand it and use it efficiently, enabling them to concentrate on the most important task of creating better learners.

In addition, he has a leading reputation through the online support network as a provider of advice and consultancy to schools and institutions across the globe. He has been a guest speaker at various conferences and was interviewed for the magazine provided by the BETT Show (Educational ICT) in London.

In his spare time Vik enjoys going to the cinema, eating pizza and reading: recently he taught himself to read Arabic by using car number plates as flash cards!

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