ISP’s Future Pathways Festival concludes in South America with over 100 institutions joining from 12 countries

4,000 students at International Schools Partnership (ISP) schools in South America had the opportunity to meet with over 100 international universities and institutions in September at ISP’s Future Pathways Festival.

This event, the first of its kind for ISP schools in the region, featured participation from over 100 institutions from 12 countries, and representatives from the British, Australian and New Zealand embassies to talk about study in their destinations. 

The festival ran from 25 to 30 September, with participating universities visiting a different school and country each day, starting in Chile, then Ecuador, Peru, and finally Colombia.

Emily Porter, Group Chief Education and Innovation Officer at ISP, explained why expanding future opportunities for students is so important to the group:

“At ISP, we support our students to have the knowledge, skills, confidence and agency to successfully reach their destinations of choice. As a truly international group of our scale, we engage and leverage our networks and communities to expand the future opportunities for all of our students. Their success is our success.”


Addressing limited awareness of study abroad in the region

The popularity of study abroad and intra-regional mobility has been increasing in Latin America over the past few years. The main objective of this initiative was to introduce students to study and scholarship opportunities abroad, connecting them face-to-face, often for the first time, with representatives from some of the world’s leading universities. There was also strong local representation. 

According to Michael Bartlett, Regional Director for South America at International Schools Partnership, interest in studying abroad is increasing in the region, but there is a lack of knowledge about available options:

““We hope this international event will help generate the necessary momentum to start moving students towards international education.While about half of the graduates from our Colegio Terranova in Quito continue their studies abroad, in Chile the figure drops to 5%. We hope that through this event, students and families will gain a better understanding of opportunities abroad.”


Representatives were pleased to meet with engaged and prepared students

Sam Whiteside – Regional Manager – Americas and South-East Asia – University of Central Lancashire, UK, said the students were very engaged:

“This has been such a productive visit where we’ve been to Chile, Ecuador, Peru and finishing in Colombia, visiting exceptional international schools with a wide range of very diverse student profiles. One of the key standouts for me has been the focus that the students have had in their questions about studying overseas and particularly in the UK. They have come prepared with an understanding of studying abroad, an understanding of the University application process, entry requirements and importantly, the fees and finance scholarships behind overseas study.”

Dan Kopperud – Assistant Director of International Enrollment  – Rochester Institute of Technology, US, agreed that students were well prepared and was pleased to see strong parent attendance:

“People came very prepared. Not everybody knew about my university, which was fine, but they definitely had good questions about studying in the United States, about the different careers they’re interested in. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many parents came.”

Emily Bennett – International Scholarships and Sponsors Assistant – University of Bristol, UK, enjoyed speaking with student counselors:

“Students were very enthusiastic, very innovative, and they know what they want to do, which is really nice to see. As part of the fair, there was a reverse counselor program where we went to speak to other counselors instead of speaking to the students. They were able to pass on the information to the students, so it’s great having both the students and the counselors there.”


Breaking down barriers for Chilean students in the UK

During the festival, ISP hosted a reception event for all the university representatives, attended by ambassadors from several participating countries and supported by Navitas.

At the event, Navitas announced the creation of a Foundation Programme with their university partners, which will save Chilean students one year of study to achieve a bachelor’s degree in the UK.

The pathway means that Chilean students can go from their school leaving certificate – the Prueba de Acceso a la Educación Superior (PAES) – to Navitas’ International Year One Diploma. From there, they can progress onto the second year of their undergraduate degree. Typically, Chilean students must complete a Foundation Year ahead of the three years of their undergraduate degree.

Brittany Adams, Director, Global Schools Engagement at Navitas, said:

“We at Navitas University Pathways Europe are thrilled to be opening more doors for Chilean students interested in studying in the UK and supporting them to access into year one of Bachelor’s degree programmes on offer at many of our university partner campuses. We have always valued the diversity and energy that international students bring to our colleges and university partners, and hope to make the process for students more streamlined in making their decision to join us.”



The roadshow took place on the following dates and locations:

25 September: British Royal School, La Reina (Chile).

26 September: CPV International School Peñalolén, Peñalolén (Chile)

27 September: Liceo Panamericano Samborondón, Guayaquil (Ecuador).

28 September: Colegio Terranova, Quito (Ecuador).

29 September: St. George’s College, Lima (Peru).

30 September: Colegio La Colina, Bogotá (Colombia).

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