ISPXSCU Charity Month: A fundraising and awareness-raising month for Street Child United

In March 2022, ISP schools and offices came together for the annual ISPxSCU Campaign Month, organising events to raise awareness and fundraise for our official charity partner, Street Child United (SCU).

SCU do amazing work campaigning for the rights and protection of street-connected young people with the goal to inspire a brighter and safer future for street-connected children everywhere. To achieve this, they use the power of sport to provide a global platform for street-connected children to be heard, so that they can receive the protection, support and opportunities which every child is entitled to.

Our partnership with SCU gives ISP students the opportunity to hear from, connect with, and support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world. Students, staff and families join in with activities to learn more about street-connected young people and the challenges they face.

During the charity month, hundreds of ISP students joined webinars with special guest speakers from the charity and their young leaders, gaining an insight into the lives of those who live in or are connected to the street. Students also learnt about SCU’s four main campaign areas:

🗣 Challenging negative perceptions

Street-connected children are often blamed for their circumstances and stigmatised. As a result they are mistreated and marginalised. Sport is an incredibly powerful tool in making their voices heard – on a level playing field.

The general public ostracise and stigmatise those of us who live on the street. They treat us like lesser human beings and blame us for the way we are forced to live. – Usha, Team India

👶🏿 Challenging negative perceptions

Many street-connected children don’t have a birth certificate or official identification. Birth registration helps ensure children can access healthcare and education.

Every child has the right to be a full citizen, regardless of whether they have a home or an address.

👮🏾‍♀️ Protection from violence

Children on the streets are extremely vulnerable to violence and abuse.

Violence is a result of not being listened to. Governments must work with street-connected children to create laws that prevent them from being subjected to violence and abuse.

📚 Right to Education

Street-connected children are not always able or allowed to go to school or access a form of education that supports the specific challenges they face.

All governments should ensure enrolment of street children in education, regardless of background, identity papers or resources, and support families to enable children to stay in education.

⚤ Gender equality

Street-connected girls everywhere are often at high risk of violence, abuse and sexual exploit

Many ISP schools also held a film screening, where students watched ‘Street Kids United 3: The Road to Moscow’, a powerful documentary following the story of 9 Indian girls who were chosen to represent their country at the Street Child World Cup 2018 in Moscow, Russia. 

In addition, many fundraising activities took place throughout the month. We are delighted and proud of our schools and offices who answered the call and got involved in raising both awareness and proceeds for Street Child United. 

Some highlights from the month include:

So far over £9000 has been raised, and the donations are still rolling in! The money raised by ISP schools will be divided across four main areas of SCU’s work:

  • 25% Hosting Street Child World Cup’s which give street-connected young people a platform to discuss their issues.
  • 25% Supporting street-connected young people to take part in a Street Child World Cup by securing them a legal identity – birth certificate and passport. Funding will also help with flights, meals, accommodation, and transport for the young people participating.
  • 25% Towards Legacy programmes in country, supporting SCU project partners to create long term change.
  • 25% For SCU staff and communications to give street connected young people a voice and raise awareness and understanding of their situation so they are protected, respected, and supported.

We want to thank every school, regional office, colleague, student and family who got involved in the ISPxSCU charity month this year. All of your contributions and efforts will make a difference and help give a voice to street-connected young people.

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