LAUDE Schools awarded ‘Best International Educational Project’ Award

LAUDE Schools, part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP) was acknowledged as ‘Best International Educational Project’, when it was presented with the award granted by the La Razón newspaper as part of its well-known Corporate Excellence Awards.

The awards were hosted by Mr Carlos Rodríguez Braun and presented by the Regional Minister of Finance of the Madrid Region, Mr Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, during an event which took place on June 30th. The awards aim to acknowledge the impeccable track record of the awardees in areas such as innovation, formation, growth, the environment, research, and the capacity for adapting to the new and changing needs of the market.

The award positions LAUDE Schools, with its 11 schools and more than 8,000 students in Spain, as a benchmark of excellence within the education industry. The schools are committed to becoming schools of choice in their local area through achieving academic excellence and providing a learning environment that gives students opportunities to develop academic, social and life skills into the future. As a part of a global group of 46 schools located in 12 countries around the world, students at the LAUDE schools are also given the unique opportunity to enjoy international learning experiences where they can travel and learn about different cultures and new languages throughout the world.

“We are proud to have received this great award. It motivates us to keep working on our commitment to deliver a unique and incredible educational experience to our students, which we call ‘Amazing Learning’ – having the ability to better themselves on a daily basis and to be amazed by everything they have learned, regardless of their starting point,” said Cristina Callejón, Marketing and Communications Director – Europe.

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