We have a very simple and, at the same time, very powerful view about what is most important in schools. For all of us who work at the International Schools Partnership (ISP), one thing matters more than anything else. It’s this: how much our children and students learn. Their success is our success.

Everything we do is focused around this one simply stated goal. We want all of our children and students to get better. Learning isn’t about being busy. It’s about whether we get better – academically, socially, emotionally and more.

We want our parents to recognise how much their children are getting better. We want to work with them to help their children get better. We want them to talk about how we are getting better to others.

Why does this make us different from other schools and schools groups? Isn’t that what all schools do? Surprisingly perhaps the answer is ‘no’. Many schools don’t focus on learning, but on other things such as curriculum, resources from technology to buildings, and more. It’s not that those other things are unimportant; we focus on them too.

What does matter is whether children and students are getting better. That’s why we distinguish between learning and the factors that affect learning. We take great satisfaction from our buildings and our resources, but we are only thrilled when all of those factors that affect learning have a real impact on the way in which our children and students get better.

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