Our Partnership with Across Cultures

We have recently partnered with Across Cultures to develop best practice in multilingual learning across our schools.

Across Cultures offers significant expertise, training, blended learning and resources for English as an Additional Language (EAL) for schools throughout the world.

In this exciting new initiative, the team at Across Cultures will work closely with our schools, and their unique language profiles, to develop a whole-school approach to improving language learning and teaching that embeds multilingualism throughout the curriculum and within each school’s wider international and cultural opportunities.

Across Cultures will offer our schools a bespoke language learning experience that supports schools’ individual learning improvement processes and planning, and aligns with our own strategic goals for improving language learning across the Group. 

Across Cultures operates the award-winning Learning Village programme, which focuses on image as the language of instruction, making it suitable for learners of any language background. This is especially important for ISP, as we support learners with so many home languages, many of whom are learning curriculum subjects in their own languages and English simultaneously.

The Learning Village programme supports independent learning, small-group teaching and differentiation in class through three core strands of learning: the Survival Language learning journey, the Curriculum Content learning journey and the Phonics learning journey. Each of these carefully designed learning journeys will be introduced in a number of ISP schools to support a blended approach to language learning for students and teachers, whether at home or at school.  

At ISP, we know that English language learning is a cornerstone of our schools’ offer to families in different countries around the world. Together with the support and experience of the Across Cultures team, we can continually develop our EAL provision for language learners and further promote multilingualism in ISP schools across the globe.

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