Street Child United

Street Child United

learning area

Human Rights

Age Range

5 -18


Visit to schools: year round

Awareness Month: March

Participants per school

Open to all


Online & overseas experiences

Street Child United (SCU) is the official charity partner of ISP. They do amazing work campaigning for the rights and protection of street-connected young people. ISP schools support and promote SCU’s work through initiatives to raise awareness, as well as fundraising activities.

Our partnership with SCU gives ISP students the opportunity to hear from, connect with, and support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world. Schools have visits with special guest speakers from the charity and their young leaders gaining an insight into the lives of those who live in or are connected to the street.

Raising awareness at ISP, particularly in our schools, about these issues also empowers and enables our students to make positive changes in society now and in the future.

In future years students will have the chance to go on an overseas trip to a visit to one of SCU’s partner organisations in Chennai, India.

Street Child United

SCU’s goal is to inspire a brighter, safer future for street-connected children everywhere. To achieve this, they use the power of sport to provide a global platform for street-connected children to be heard, so that they can receive the protection, support and have opportunities which every child is entitled.

SCU organises sporting events where street children from around the world take part coinciding with major sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics. The events put a global spotlight on street children through worldwide media coverage and encourage countries, communities, and governments around the world to listen and act.

SCU has four main campaign areas:

  • Birth registration
  • Access to education
  • Protection from violence
  • Gender equality

School visits

ISP schools have the exciting opportunity to welcome SCU staff and one of their Young Leaders so they can learn more about the work of the charity and participate in several interactive Sports, Arts and Q&A Sessions.

Campaign month

Every year we invite ISP schools and offices to support the incredible work that SCU does by participating in a month of awareness-raising activities, and to fundraise if they can. During this month, schools organising events to support students, staff, and parents to learn more about street-connected young people and help change negative perceptions.

Money raised through our partnership will be divided and used across four main areas of SCU’s work:

25% Hosting Street Child World Cup’s which give street-connected young people a platform to discuss their issues.

25% Supporting street connected young people to take part in a Street Child World Cup by securing them a legal identity – birth certificate and passport. Funding will also help with flights, meals, accommodation, and transport for the young people participating.

25% Towards Legacy programmes in country, supporting SCU project partners to create long term change.

25% For SCU staff and communications to give street connected young people a voice and raise awareness and understanding of their situation so they are protected, respected, and supported.

Last year

Last year 20 ISP schools hosted a virtual visit from Street Child United with over 500 ISP students getting the chance to meet one of SCU’s inspirational young leaders. Our schools raised over £8000 for SCU and organised an amazing range of creative events and activities to help draw attention to the issues that street-connected young people face – from art exhibitions to virtual runs!

Last year Schools: 33 schools raised over 18,000€ for SCU, hundreds of ISP students joined webinars to meet SCU’s inspirational Young Leaders and organised film screenings with the wider school community to raise awareness of the issues facing young people connected with the streets. Our two schools in Geneva were also lucky enough to receive an in person visit from SCU and Young Leader Jasmin, to hear her story and play football with her!

Thanks so much for bringing Street Child United to Mosaic last week, the kids had such a great time and Jasmine’s story was educational and inspiring. The children would like to organize a screening and use it as a fundraiser for Street Child.

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