The International Schools Partnership teams up with Street Child United

The International Schools Partnership (ISP) has committed to supporting Street Child United’s (SCU) campaign for the rights and protection of street-connected young people for the next four years.

The partnership with SCU will see ISP supporting and promoting SCU’s work through initiatives to raise awareness as well as organised fundraising activities across our global group of schools. Our students, parents and staff will have the opportunity to learn more about street-connected young people and will campaign to change the negative perceptions and treatment that they endure everyday around the world. Our students and young people supported by SCU will have many opportunities to meet up and learn from each other, including attending SCU’s Young Leader workshops, the Street Child Cricket World Cup London and Cambridge 2019, and the Street Child World Cup Qatar 2022.

John Wroe, Street Child United CEO and Co-Founder said: “We’re incredibly grateful for ISP’s support and look forward to working with them on future events. ISP students supporting street-connected young people sends an incredibly positive message to the world – the students are standing in solidarity with some of the most vulnerable children in world and showing that all young people have the same rights to education and opportunity.”

Steve Brown, ISP CEO said: “It is an honour for ISP to support the incredible task that Street Child United does. I’m sure that our international group of students, parents and staff will jointly campaign with SCU to campaign for street-connected children’s rights.

Street Child United is a UK-based charity seeking to improve the lives and protect the rights of street-connected young people across the globe. Established in 2010, SCU organise events to coincide with major sporting events, such as the World Cup and Olympics, to unite street-connected young people through the use of sport, enabling their voices to be heard.

Claudianny Drika is a Street Child United Young Leader. She won the Street Child World Cup Rio 2014 as captain of Brazil Girls, and coached Brazil Girls when they won the Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018. Drika is a coach at a Safe Space pitch in a favela community in Rio de Janeiro, where she helps up to 300 children a year play sports and learn, reducing their risk of exploitation and abuse, developing their life skills and improving their education, training and employment opportunities.

Drika said: “From taking part in the Street Child World Cup I learned that I am somebody – there are many kids around the world like me who just need an opportunity. I want to say thank you very much to ISP for supporting street children around the world.”

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