The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub

the learning hub

Getting better is not something related only to our children and students. If we really are to create amazing learning experiences for them and their families then our teachers, our schools and International Schools Partnership (ISP) have to continually get better as well. Getting better is what drives us!

One of the advantages of being a large group of schools that stretches across the world is that our schools already contain great examples of the very best practice. The challenge for us is how we share and build on that good practice in individual schools and share and build it across all of our schools.

That’s why we are developing The Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub, to be launched in 2019, will be a central digital resource that can link all of our colleagues together wherever they are in the world.

It will be a place where teachers can take award bearing courses, where subject teachers can work together to develop the best student experiences possible, where we can connect with each other in multiple ways, where we can all see what best practice looks like and where we can share ideas.

The Learning Hub isn’t just for teachers. As we want to get better as an organisation, it will be a place where marketing and admissions colleagues can develop the very best experience for new and existing parents; where our finance teams, HR and facilities teams can share and cooperate with each other, refining what they do to make sure they offer the very best that is possible to our colleagues and schools.

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