The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub

the learning hub

The Learning Hub has launched!

Learning and getting better is at the heart of everything we do at International Schools Partnership (ISP). It’s what defines our aspirations for our children, students and their families. It’s who we are and it’s our focus across our global community. One of the many advantages of being a truly international school’s group is that our colleagues are demonstrating great examples of the very best practice every day. The challenge for us is how we share and build on that good practice in individual schools and share and build it across all of our schools.

That is why we have created The Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub is the central, digital space where colleagues connect worldwide, regardless of the miles or hours between them, to share expertise and experience; learn and get better; get help from and give support to others so that we are all continually getting better together. From learning and teaching to wellbeing and leadership, to marketing and finance, The Learning Hub enables colleagues to collaborate digitally with their counterparts all around the world.

The Learning Hub showcases outstanding examples of the kind of things that are making our schools better and more effective for our students, our families and our colleagues. It’s the place where colleagues across the group can take professional development courses, work together to develop the best student and family experiences possible, and connect with each other in multiple ways. The Learning Hub is where we can all see what best practice looks like and where we can share ideas. The Learning Hub has been soft launched to over 150 critical friends across ISP functions and regions. Their feedback to us is providing valuable ways to make sure the Learning Hub itself gets better and more effective. Later this year, The Learning Hub will be available to all ISP colleagues and, eventually, to our students, too.

At ISP, we value getting better as an organisation. The Learning Hub is our commitment to both our core principles and to our awareness that getting better happens when we learn new things by sharing great practice and working with each other. We invite all our colleagues to contribute to it and benefit from it, because learning together is what counts.

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