Welcome to Riviera Schools

We are extremely pleased to announce that Riviera Schools has joined the partnership.

Since being founded in 1950, Riviera has stood as a local leader of education, as a model of what education should be. It was established as a school community uniquely focused on the experience and development of each individual student, and since those early days, Riviera has never lost sight of that goal.

Riviera is acutely dedicated to prioritising the needs, experiences, and outcomes for all students. They are guided by a consistent principle that students come first, and it is this shared philosophy that supported their choice to join ISP.

Riviera offers an education to close to 1000 children and students from predominantly local families based in the Miami-Dade area and is recognised as a leading education provider in the local community. We look forward to getting to know both campuses better and supporting them on their journey to continue as the school of choice in the local area. We also look forward to sharing the campuses’ own experiences and ideas with everyone, both within the US & Canada region and across the group.

We welcome all children, students, and staff of the schools to ISP and look forward to getting even better together.

Find out more about the school here:  Riviera Schools

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