Welcome to Straits International Schools!

We are pleased to announce that the Straits International Schools (“Straits”) in Malaysia have joined the partnership.

Straits has two campuses, located in Penang Island and Rawang (northwest of Kuala Lumpur), respectively. The Penang campus has 400 students and the Rawang campus has 300 students.

The schools are well-respected within their communities and are known for delivering an excellent level of education with a learning focus. They offer the British Cambridge curriculum, where the schools encourage all children to learn and develop independently, facilitating their personal growth, and instilling in each of them a lifelong passion for learning.

We will begin to share over the coming weeks the ISP way of delivering effective learning in our schools as well as all the other opportunities that will now be available to Straits as schools within our group. We look forward to getting to know Straits better and supporting colleagues and students on their ISP journey.

Find out more about Straits on the website: Straits International Schools.

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