Many schools focus on the factors that affect learning – think facilities, uniforms and the curriculum. Education groups spend a lot of resources on improving these features - and we do too. But we do things differently. We always focus on improving the learning outcomes first.

At ISP, we use evidence of learning to make decisions about everything else. Our teachers and school leaders are always collecting examples of learning in real time. That means we know when our students are learning – and take steps to improve the experience if they’re not.

Our Learning.First methodology adds value to our schools. It gives our teachers and leaders direction to deliver student-centric education and evaluate the impact on learning.

Amazing learning

Students bring the brains, just as much as teachers. ISP's educational philosophy honours our students as collaborators in the learning process. By moving away from traditional teaching methods, we open the door to learning that goes beyond our expectations. Learning that amazes students, surprises them, and transforms their thinking.

This is the ISP difference.